Real Airpods vs. Fake – How to pick right one

Are you about to buy the airpod and want to know how to evaluate which airpod is fake or real? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the things that are different between real and fake airpods. So, to know more, let’s delve straight into the article.

Here are the points that will assist you in differentiating a real airpod from the fake one.

Differences in Prices

If the airpod cost you more or less than the actual, then it shows that they are making you a fool by selling the cheap quality AirPods. So, it is highly important to know the actual price of AirPods.

Serial Number

The serial number of airpod is one of the main things that help you in identifying whether your airpod is real or fake. Whenever you buy at the airpod, always check the serial number and make sure that it matches one that is available on the official website of the airpod’s company. If the serial number is correct, then there is a huge possibility that the airpod is not fake. Rather it is real.


Another factor that assists you in spotting the real airpod is the packaging. If you find any blunder in the packaging, then it depicts that the airpod is not the real one.

The difference in both AirPods

You can figure out whether your airpod is fake or real by closely examining their earbuds. If the airpod is real, then there are strong chances that both airpods will look exactly the same. In the case of real airpods, the bottom is usually made of white plastic. On the other hand, if the airpod is not authentic, then it will have a bottom made of thick silver.

Ear Cup

Another thing that you should notice is the ear cup. The real airpods’ ear cup has the shape of an oval. Whereas if the airpod is not legit, then the shape of the ear cup is usually circular.

Closely Analyze Diffuser

If you want to buy the real AirPods, it will surely be worth it if you check the diffuser. In most real AirPods, the diffuser should be in perfect alignment. But if the airpod’s diffuser is not aligned with the diffuser that is present besides the diffuser. So, if the airpod does not have a perfect diffuser, then it is a red flag.

Manual is not right

You need to check the manual carefully to evaluate whether it is authentic or not. If the manual has wrong details, then it shows it is not the real airpod. So, make sure to check out the manual book before investing in it.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up the discussion, we must say that it is highly important to know how to make a difference between the real and fake airpod. There are a lot of manufacturers that make fake airpods and advertise them as real. So, be attentive and always pick the right one.

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