Headphones for Sleeping

Sleeping is not only a pleasant activity. It is also healthy and necessary for our body to recover and start the day rested and with as much energy as possible. However, not all people have the same facility to sleep and this situation can become a real ordeal. Fortunately, we can take advantage of technology. Specifically, these headphones are designed specifically for sleeping: they are used when it is time to go to bed and their function is to help us fall asleep and even isolate us from the noises around us.

What makes these headphones different?

From a design point of view, they all share the same feature. What is it? Being in-ear, they feel like you are wearing earplugs, but with a difference: they are paired to an application that you have to install on your cell phone, which gives you access to a music library of ambient sounds to make falling asleep easier.

Bose Sleepbuds II

The design of the Bose Sleepbuds II Sleep headphones is elegant and sophisticated, as well as being extremely comfortable thanks to the design they adopt, which fits like a glove to the ear canal. As you would expect, it comes with three tips (they are made of silicone) for the user to choose the one they prefer: size S, M, and L. Bose promises a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Interaction with the app is simple and, as with the other two sleep headphones, you quickly become familiar with it. Bose Sleep, compatible with both Android and iOS, allows you to select the volume level, duration and activate an alarm function.

Amazfit Zenbuds

As usual in True Wireless headphones, a category to which this model belongs like the rest, its design immediately catches the eye both for its tiny size and are lightweight (each earphone weighs 2 grams). In addition, the case where they are stored and charged is light because it weighs only 50 grams; by the way, it has a rotating design that is curious. Since they are marketed with four pairs of silicone, everyone chooses the one they are most comfortable with.

The ergonomics have been worked quite well and that’s why you feel comfortable when you put them on. You don’t feel anything strange. To get the most out of these Amazfit Zenbuds sleep headphones, you have to download the Zepp app – formerly known as Amazfit – so that they are instantly recognized by your phone (it is compatible with both Android and iOS). Interaction with the app is very simple, so you quickly get used to it.

It offers two modes of use (Rest and Concentration) and the music library it proposes gives you the possibility to choose from a diverse range of possibilities. You can even choose how long you want them to play: all night long or during a specific time interval to save battery life.

They provide a third type of playback: it is called Smart and thanks to it the headphones detect that you are in a deep sleep phase to stop automatically. This option did not always work for us, but the alarm function does. You can also monitor and analyze the quality of your sleep through statistics that give you an approximate idea of how you sleep.

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