How-to put-on headphones so that they do not fall off?

Many people prefer small earbuds, also known as in-ear or earbuds because they are easier to wear and more comfortable than their larger, heavier, over-the-ear, headband counterparts. However, most face a daily struggle: keeping the earbuds on without dropping them, especially when wearing them while running, exercising or doing any other sporting activity. Worse yet, … Read more

How to pair JBL earbuds

You will need to pair your JBL wireless headphones to a device before you can start using them. First make sure your JBL wireless headphones are properly charged. Here are the steps to follow to pair your JBL wireless headphones to the device of your choice: Activate the Bluetooth option on the device you wish … Read more

How to charge JLAB earbuds

The JBuds Air family offers a perfect fit for any lifestyle. JBuds Air Sport inspired by sports. Business-inspired JBuds Air Executive and the JBuds Air Icon, an enhanced earphone option for your everyday life. JBuds Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds The JBuds Air Sport features an anatomical over-ear hook for sports-focused activities and 40 hours … Read more

How do earbuds work?

As the name suggests, this type of headphones do not have a cable connected to your stereo, cell phone, tablet or computer. They work wirelessly, the sound will be transmitted via a wireless connection protocol such as Bluetooth, radio frequency or infrared. There are three main types of wireless headphones, which can be divided into … Read more