Sizes of Computer Monitors- Your Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know which sizes of computer monitors are available in the market and which is the ideal size for the overall usage?

Always remember that if you want to be the best in gaming, office work, or any other, then size matters immensely. Therefore, as a user, it is significant to pick the size of the monitor accurately depending upon your needs. So, if you want to know more about the sizes of monitors, delve straight into the article.

Sizes of Computer Monitors

As a buyer, you must be wondering which range of sizes are available in the market and what is the ideal size that a user should buy.

The screen sizes of monitors usually range from 19 to 34 inches. Furthermore, an average user usually aims for a screen between 22-24 inches. It is important to mention that this screen is good for various tasks involving multi-tasking.

But before buying the monitor, it is important to consider your budget. Usually, the prices of a monitor having a screen size of more than 27 are greatly high; therefore, if you can’t afford then one of the alternate options you have is the TV.

If you can buy one, it is better to go for a monitor because there are various problems you may have to face if you go for a TV that includes less accuracy of color representation, higher input lag, and limited refresh rates. So, if you have to play games, you should go for the monitor. But if you want to use it to watch videos and browse, then the TV is the cheap alternative.

Why is it important to choose size carefully?

It is important to always remember that you have to choose the monitor depending upon the task and the work you have to do by using it. So here we are going to share the insights on the screen size for the average gaming user and professionals as well as content creators. So, let’s delve straight into it.


If you are a gamer and in search of an ideal monitor, you should struggle to get a monitor with a screen size of at least 24 inches. It will surely assist you in having a great gaming experience. Some gamers prefer a screen of 24 and some of 27. But most want to go for 24.

Content creators

If you are a content creator and want to create the best content and want to edit your videos perfectly, then it is better to choose a monitor that has a screen size of 32 inches.

Professional Users

If you are a professional user, then the ideal size you can pick is 24 inches.

Normal User

Lastly, if you are a normal user and want a monitor for daily usage, then it is recommended to buy the screen size of 22-24 inches.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about the sizes of computer monitors. We must say that as a user, it is crucial that you have accurate and plenty of information regarding the sizes of the monitor; which is the best size according to you? Let us know in the comments section.

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