Best Graphic Design Monitors

Are you a professional graphic designer who wants to know about the best graphic design monitors to excel in the job? If yes, then you have; landed at the right place. When it comes to buying the best monitor, then there are a few things you must keep in consideration, such as accuracy, response time brightness, etc. So, if you want to know more, let’s delve into the article.

Buying Guide

If you are a graphic designer and want to perform your job efficiently, it is imperative to get your hands on the best monitor. Moreover, if you wonder which things you should look for while buying the monitors, here is the checklist.

It should have top-notch performance
It should have the highest resolution
It should have a great color accuracy
It should be pocket friendly

3 Best Graphic Design Monitors

In this review article, we are going to review three best graphic design monitors depending on your choice you can pick.

Apple Pro Display XDR
LG Ultrafine 5K
Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Apple Pro Display XDR

Although the Apple Pro Display XDR is expensive, it is an excellent option for professional graphic designers. The screen of this monitor is 32 inches. Moreover, the resolution of the apple monitor is 6,016 by 3,384, and in other words, we can say it is 6k. When it comes to graphic design, brightness matters significantly, and its brightness of this monitor is 55cd/m2.


Color Accuracy is excellent
The contrast ratio is high
Design is gorgeous
Display HDR 160 appears impeccable


The stand is highly costly
There are no input substitutes for the USB-C

LG Ultrafine 5K

When it comes to the best graphic design monitors, the LG ultrafine 5K is a great option. It has impeccable brightness and color.

Furthermore, the screen size of the LG monitor is 27. When It comes to the maximum display then, it is 5120 x 2880 pixels.

Another great feature of this monitor is the VESA mount that allows users to link the display with the mounting arm. In this, it lends a helping hand in increasing flexibility.

In addition to that, LG the monitor has an ambient light sensor built into the monitor, and it allows the brightness to adjust automatically according to your surroundings.


Pictures are sharp and clear
Convenient to use
Microphone quality is great
Makes a good combination with the Apple products


At full height, it can be unstable

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Dell Ultrasharp is a great option to avail for mixed usage. The resolution of the Dell monitor is 4k, which plays a vital role in making the screen as well as texts look highly sharp. When it comes to the response time, it is great, and the input lag is less.

It has Adobe RGB color space that helps the content creators greatly.


The ergonomics of this monitor are great
Viewing angles are good
Has HDR support


There is the unavailability of VRR support

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about the best graphic design monitors. We are optimistic that it will aid you in picking the best monitor for you. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

Note: We haven’t used any product reviewed in this article. This review is based on the reviews and ratings of products on the internet.

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