ASUS Monitors Best Buy

Do you want to buy the ASUS monitors and know which one is the best?

If yes, there is no need to take tension as this review article is the ultimate solution to your problem. So, without any further reduction, let’s dive into the article to know more about ASUS monitors best buy.

Buying Guide

Before buying the monitor, it is important to know which specs you need according to your required tasks and jobs and then look for those features. But some specs should be in every monitor, so we have enlisted them here.

Refresh rate
Response time
Screen Size
Panel Type
Input lag

3 Best ASUS monitors

So, here we are going to enlist the three best ASUS monitors.

ASUS ProArt Display PA278CV


We can say that this monitor of ASUS is the ASUS ROG PG279QZ revised version, and in addition, it is regarded as the successor of the ROG SWIFT PG279Q.

It is essential to mention here that this monitor is developed keeping in mind the gamers; that’s why it has a lot of specs that facilitate the gamers. The refresh rate of this monitor is immensely high, and the input lag is also low. The color gamuts of this monitor are wide, and gradient handling is also excellent.


The refresh rate is fast
Input lag is low
G-SYNC support


In the dark room, the black looks like gray
Limitation to HDMI 2.0 bandwidth


The refresh rate of this monitor is 280 Hz. Moreover, it is also worth highlighting here that the input lag is low, and the response time is fast.

In addition, the ergonomics are great and have a simple design. Sadly, when it comes to console gamers, then it is not a great choice, and the reason behind it is the high input lag. It shows compatibility with the G-Sync as well as the FreeSync.


The refresh rate is fast
Response time is superb
Ergonomic is good


Has low contrast
Input lag immensely high
Resolution is less(1080p)

ASUS ProArt Display PA278CV

ASUS PortArt is a good monitor and has decent specs. It is worth mentioning that it is the updated version of the ASUS PortArt Display PA278QV, and it shares many features with it, but some specs are new in it.

Furthermore, the main thing about this monitor is the presence of the USB-C port. It is essential to mention that this monitor is an excellent choice for content creators. Its color gamut is superb as well. There is another impressive thing about this ASUS monitor, and that is the Adobe RGB color space coverage.


Color is great
Viewing angles are wide
Resolution is high (1440p)
The screen size is large(27 inches)
It has a built-in ruler


The contrast ratio is not up to the mark
Don’t have HDR support

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about the ASUS review article. Always remember that monitoring is a one-time investment, so never take any decision in a hurry. Rather, know about the product you are going to buy in the first place. Which one is your favorite ASUS monitor? Let us know in the comments section of ASUS monitors best buy?

Note: We haven’t used any product reviewed in this article. This review is based on the reviews and ratings of products on the internet.

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