Best Monitor options for Programming and coding

Are you searching for the best programming and coding monitors? If yes, then there is no need to take tension at all. Here is the answer to your question: What are the best budget monitors? In this article, we will review the best monitors for programming, including the best budget monitor for coding (Gigabyte G27Q) but bear in mind that the other two monitors we are going to review are pricey, so let’s delve straight into the article.

Buying Guide

If you want to buy the best monitor with impressive specs and can assist you in programming and coding, then it is immensely important to know the specs that matter a lot in programming, and you should buy the monitor that comprises all those specs. So let’s have a look at them.

Refresh rate
Screen orientation
Panel type
Response time
Size of screen

3 Best Monitors for Programming

Now, let’s jump into the review of the three best monitors for programming. So, let’s begin.

Dell S2722QC
Gigabyte G27Q

Dell S2722QC

If you want to get a monitor for programming or office usage, then it is a good monitor that you can choose. In addition, the resolution of this monitor is 4k. When it comes to the screen size, then it is 27 inches. And that is impressive when you have to multitask.

Furthermore, the ergonomics of this Dell monitor are great as well. Another worth sharing feature of this monitor is the wide viewing angles.


Viewing angles are broad
It has a USB-C port
The resolution is 4k that provides amazing clarity
Great ergonomics


Unable to show a wide color gamut
Adobe RGB coverage is limited
The refresh rate is 60hz

Gigabyte G27Q

It is regarded as the best budget monitor for coding. It is an ultrawide monitor that allows you to open several windows simultaneously. The type of panel of this monitor is IPS. It shows that the viewing angles are broad. But it is important to mention that the contrast ratio is low, making black appear like gray whenever you see it in the dark.

Furthermore, it has compatibility with both FreeSync as well as G-Sync. The great feature that usually the gamers look for, 144Hz 1440p, is present in this monitor of Gigabyte.

Another worth mentioning about this monitor is the great reflection handling; the color gamut is also wide.


Resolution is 1440p
The screen size is 27 inch
Response time is great
Input lag is low
The color gamut is wide


Ergonomic is poor
The contrast ratio is low
Don’t have a dimming feature


It is another great monitor for programming as well as gaming. The refresh rate of this monitor is 165Hz. Additionally, it supports G-Sync and FreeSync both.

It is also imperative to highlight here that its response time is impressive. Furthermore, the input lag is low.

Like various other monitors, it also has the issue of the low contrast ratio; that’s why the black will look like the gray.


The resolution is 1440p, that’s impressive.
The refresh rate is 165Hz
Input lag is low
The refresh rate is superb


The contrast ratio is low.
Before the calibration, there was the issue of colors looking over-saturated.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s all about the article. When it comes to programming and coding, it is important to find the best monitor to perform it diligently. Furthermore, this review also provides the answer to your question what are the best budget monitors for coding in the form of Gigabyte G27Q. What is your favorite monitor for programming? Let us know in the comments section.

Note: We haven’t used any product reviewed in this article. This review is based on the reviews and ratings of products on the internet.

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