Best Earbuds for working out

There are great wireless headphones that aren’t meant to make you jump around, just as there are wireless headphones that won’t fall out no matter what you do, but are too bulky to be comfortable when you’re playing sports. This means that good wireless headphones for sports can be useful for the rest of your day-to-day life, but perhaps the same cannot be said for everyday headphones that are not designed for sports. Many sports headphones also offer a deep bass sound, which enhances the lower frequencies of the music, making it sound louder, but this functionality can ultimately be achieved with virtually any headphone on the market.

So what should you look for when choosing your headphones? It may sound silly, but design comes first when it comes to sports: we’re talking about the durability, comfort and ergonomics of the product (and here every ear is different). Then, obviously, you have to pay attention to the audio performance: how the headphones work while listening to music or paying attention to a podcast, but also how they work for calls, because you’re not just going to listen to music. And finally, you should also look at battery life, although when it comes down to it there’s not that much difference between the best brands either: rather than how long the charge lasts, look at the charging methods available. In this case, storage cases are very practical. We have made our selection based on convenience, ease of use and sound quality.

1. Jabra Elite 75t

We didn’t know whether to recommend the Jabra Elite 85t or the Jabra Elite 75t for training. Seriously. In the end, we decided to go with the 75t for size reasons. We still think the 85t’s noise cancellation is unbeatable, but the 75t’s combination of size, sound and noise cancellation makes them, we think, better for sports.

2. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro

These headphones feel more secure (it depends, as always, on the type of sport you do and, in the end, what feels most comfortable for your apricot ears). They’re the best choice for the Apple Universe right now if you’re serious about sports. The controls are also comfortable, making them very convenient to operate without excessive fuss.

3. JBL Endurance PEAK II

If you want a more economical option, without sacrificing comfort, this model has very good sound quality, although it does not have noise cancellation. The sound-design-autonomy combination makes them interesting for under 100 euros.

4. Soundcore Anker Life A1

If you want a cheaper option you still have the Soundcore Life A1. For under 60 euros they are a good choice in the mid-range. Sound and comfort are guaranteed. There are more advanced versions (which are objectively better), but they are more bulky and less comfortable (and, be careful, they are also more expensive).

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