Best Earbuds for gaming

A good headset will make you feel the bullets passing by your head, the powerful engine of your racing car or the subtle squeaking of your tennis shoes in NBA 2K21, and will take your gaming sessions to another level. Check out our selection of the best gamer headphones you can buy in 2022, all of them devices that guarantee superior sound quality.

Our selection includes wired, wireless, premium and budget options, but all with fantastic sound quality and a design that guarantees durability. However, if you have cats in your house that tend to chew on cables, don’t hesitate for a moment, spend a little more and get yourself a wireless gamer headset.

SteelSeries Artics Pro

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset improves on the look and sound quality of the popular Siberia 840, and is the best sounding wireless gaming headset we’ve tested.

The design follows the Arctis line: it features oblong-shaped cups with air cushioning.

They can be used for long sessions without causing any discomfort and do not trap sweat. They have an elastic but resistant band that remains fixed but without causing pressure.

These are the best wireless gaming headphones the company has released.

Another improvement over the excellent Siberia 840 is that they more pragmatically redesigned the controls.

This gamer headset features a very easy to use microphone mute switch and the battery cover is now magnetic, making it possible for you to change batteries while gaming without hassle.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are perhaps the best wireless gaming headset when it comes to audio quality. They reproduce up to 40,000Hz and integrate HiFi transducers that produce a sound with sublime details. Another plus point is that they do not distort at any time, even when playing loud bass at maximum volume, and offer excellent virtual surround sound. You can clearly identify the location of different game effects, such as different types of explosions or gunshots.

These are a wireless gaming headset that works with a USB transmitter that doubles as a charging port. They can connect via the 2.4 GHZ transmitter but they also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use them with your mobile devices.

They have optical and USB connections from which you can simultaneously connect to your computer and PlayStation. Unfortunately they are not compatible with Xbox One.

Astro A50 Gaming headset

Every year a new update of the Astro A50 or Astro A40 comes out and each one is better than the last. Aesthetically, they look like a gaming headset at first glance, but replace the flashy colors of previous years with a modern, classic black.

You can use them for hours without them causing any discomfort, even if the ear pads get a bit warm on long sessions. The good thing is that they are removable and you can replace them with better synthetic leather ones to attenuate ambient noise.

In the left cup integrates the microphone. It is not removable, but rotates upwards in case you do not want to use it. On the right side we find all the controls of these gaming headphones.

There we find the power control, an equalization button, a button to activate the Dolby Surround sound and the micro-USB charging port, although normally you will use the base to charge them.

It also has two buttons called “game” and “voice” that allow you to adjust the sound independently when you connect it to a computer.

The A50s don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves. However, they are one of the best wireless gaming headsets in terms of sound quality. They are not the most powerful headset on the market and they don’t have the best seal either, but few gaming headsets offer such a well-balanced sound.

Many cheap headsets offer very loud bass that even annoying effects such as explosions. The Astro a50s, on the other hand, feature deep, controlled bass that doesn’t overshadow the other frequencies. The mid-tones maintain excellent presence and the treble is very clear. In addition, thanks to Dolby Surround support, the audio is perceived as enveloping and rich.

The sound is truly impressive. Astro’s software also lets you play with various equalization settings so you can find the ideal sound for your game.

The Astro A50 comes with a USB station that wirelessly charges the gaming headset and also shows you the battery status, EQ setting, Dolby sound status and the console or computer they are connected to.

The charging port integrates several ports: a USB-A port for charging, optical digital audio inputs and outputs, an auxiliary input and a microUSB port that you can connect to your PC. It has a switch to switch between PC and PS4 modes, but if you want to use them with an Xbox you should look for the version designed for this console.

The Astro A50 mic headset is one of the best wireless gaming headsets on the market. They are expensive, but also an excellent investment.

They have great build quality, sound great and provide an impeccable surround experience.

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