All you need to know about a Thin Client

What is a Thin Client?

You only need a screen to enter your workspace? Sounds like magic, but it is a Thin Client! A thin client can also be explained as a small computer which only needs a screen and access to the cloud workspace. The Thin Client is connected to a Server computer via the network. The Thin Client shows the desktop of the server via a remote desktop connection (remote desktop). You basically just work on the server. When you save something, it is also saved on the server and not on the Thin Client. Which means you never ever have to be worried about losing your documents or not being able to login to your computer when giving an important presentation.

Why use a Thin Client?

Well, because it’s much cheaper! Normal PCs are relatively expensive compared to Thin Clients. If you put a computer on a desk where only an invoice is made every now and then, a normal PC would not really be used. If you place a Thin Client here, only the capacity that is required is made available by the server computer.

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